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Key Point No.1  Plates

E-commerce concept plate    Shanxi plate   Textile&clothing plate  Social security fund plate

Key Point No.2 Business scope

  Warehouse service   logistics base   management and packaging service of Logistics center, wholesale& retail of needles textiles, clothing, raw materials of clothing, sewing machinery, general merchandise, leather goods, furniture, artware, stationery commodity, hardware and electrical equipment, construction materials; Tailoring and clothing manufacturing ,house rent ,property management, Corporation management consultant

Key Point No.3 Main business: Trousers chain operation model

 Chain operation model combines franchising and direct selling. The wholesale and retail of Baiyuan trousers, our own brand, including suit pants, casual pants and jeans, was completed through brand promotion, terminal channel construction, product design and development and supply chain management. As of the end of June, 2011, the number of direct-sale store and franchise outlet reached 1597, covering 28 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.

Key Point No.4 Stock ownership incentive plan
On March, 4, 2015, draft of stock ownership incentive plan was released. 3 million copies of stock ownership accounting for 1.42% of the total amount of the capital stock at that time were granted at executive price of 40.75 yuan. 12 people were granted stock ownership, including one senior executive and other 11 people were key staffs of the company. Within 12 months from the grant date was the lockout period. When the lockout requirements are met, they can exercise their stock ownership three times at the proportion of 20%: 20%:60% in the future 36 months. Lockout requirements are listed as below: compared with 2014, net profit growth rate between 2015 and 2017 should not below 200%、350%、550% respectively; What’s more, net profit of the wholly owned subsidiary Globalgrow E-Commerce between 2015 and 2017 should not below 100 million yuan, 155 million yuan and 255 million yuan respectively.

Key Point No. 5 Mergers and Acquisitions——Acquisition of Globalgrow E-Commerce at the price of 100 million

In July, 2014, the company aimed to purchase 100% stock rights of Globalgrow E-Commerce by issuing shares and paying cash and making specific applications of non-public offering of stock to raise funds. According to the plan, 100% stock rights of Globalgrow E-Commerce were evaluated as 1.45billion yuan. Transaction price was 1.32 billion yuan, of which 972 million yuan was paid in shares and the rest 60 million yuan was paid in cash. Issuing price was 14.30 yuan per share. The total issued amount was 67.972 million. Globalgrow E-Commerce sells cost-effective products made in China to more than 200 countries and regions including the USA, Canada and the UK directly. Its marketing channels include its own vertical E-commerce platform and the third party platforms like eBay, Amazon etc. The goods it sells are mainly clothes and 3C electronic products. Baiyuan said, after the acquisition, Baiyuan could make use of advantages of Globalgrow E-Commerce like B2C, big data operation, online advertising, vertical and the third-party platforms, link both online and offline materials, digital marketing and optimization of supply chain, and internal and international market. This is called clothing vertical retailing ecological circle.