In human history, nothing has ever held people in various corners of the world together so close as Internet. It is the media sees no boundaries. A global village emerged when people get connected through various terminals and transformation is inevitable for all business models.

It holds true for cross-border E-commerce, a business model dependent on Internet. Thanks to the new model, products in various countries, such as a leather handbag made in France, a shirt made in America or a 3C made in China, can reach you easily with clicks of your finger. Doubtlessly, it is a general trend of the market and economic growth to go from physical store to online store, from domestic E-commerce to cross-border E-commerce.

Following the trend, GTE is committed to bringing products made in China to all over the world with the support of the best minds in cross-border E-commerce and technology. We believe there is a long way to go. While enjoying the huge wealth, we must strive to reach a new high. Besides quality products and services, GTE will deliver the Chinese culture and spirits as well!

It’s the goal we will fight for!

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Company profile
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Business process
  • Baiyuan Trousers was created.

  • Proposed “readily changing or refunding and free hem ironing and pressing for lifetime” for the first time in China.

  • Registered as Baiyuan Trousers Limited Liability Company, and set up the first distribution center in Taiyuan;

  • The first strategic seminar on franchisee successfully held and set up the first franchisee out of Shanxi province in Sanmenxia, Henan province.

  • Passed ISO9001 certification and has its first reorganization.

  • Trademark “Baiyuan” conferred “famous brand of Shanxi province” by Shanxi Administrative Bureau for industry and Commerce; and conferred “Civilized Chinese Youth” by the Chinese Youth League Central Committee.

  • Laid foundation for corporate sales building.

  • Listed as “excellent franchise brand in China” by China Chain Operation Association for three consecutive years.

  • Baiyuan came up with “Tianbo” series products won “Franchise of China Award” and given “AA credit enterprise” by China Chain Operation Association.

  • Changed its name into “Shanxi Baiyuan Trousers Chains Operation Joint-stock Enterprise Co. Ltd.” and won the honorary title of “Outstanding Enterprise on Charity in China” in the same year.

  • got A-share listed in Shenzhen on December 8;

  • Held a large-scale charity activity “Thousands of Baiyuan Stores Send Warmth to Tens of Thousands of Households”.

  • purchased 100% stock rights of Globalgrow to enter into cross-border E-commerce;

  • The company changed its name from “Shanxi Baiyuan Trousers Chains Operation Joint-stock Enterprise Co. Ltd.” to “Global Top E-Commerce Co., Ltd”, and increased capital investment in Shenzhen Qianhai Patozon Network & Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Bailun Trade Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Tomtop Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Kuajignyi E-commerce Co., Ltd., and Suzhou Yijiyunshang Network & Technology Co., Ltd. and “Shenzhen Global E- Commerce Co. Ltd”.